120 mm HE

Mortar grenade

120 mm mortar grenades can be fired from trailed and self-propelled mortars. Grenades are equipped with a point-detonating fuze MZ-81M. The MZ-81M type fuze is a point-detonating nose-mounted fuze used in shrapnel-discruptive mortar grenades

The fuze can be set to immediate or delayed mode, according to the desired effect on the target (fragmentation / bursting). Pyrotechnical-type fuze, with detonator protection.

Technical data (English)

Technical characteristics Shrapnel-discruptive mortar grenade

Caliber (mm) 120

Mass (kg) 16

Explosive charge (kg) 2,66

Minimum / maximum range (m) 250 / 8,000

Maximum pressure (MPa) 135

Initial speed (m/s) 352

Fuze MZ - 81


Quantity of grenades in the package (pcs.) 2

Package dimensions (mm) 520 x 265 x 130

Weight of the complete package (kg) 28

Quantity of packages on a pallet (pcs.) 6

Pallet dimensions (mm) 640 x 435 x 595

Weight of complete pallet (kg) 700

Package code (UN) 4H2W / Y12 / S / year of production SK / 1003 / No. of certification authority

Hazard class (ADR) 1.2 E