125 mm HCv

Blank ammunition / training

The 125 mm HCv is a training ammunition / shot imitator designed for D-81 tank cannons, perfectly reproducing the procedure for loading and firing combat ammunition. The energy generated during the shot is enough to operate the cannon's automatical mechanisms even in extreme temperatures. From the minimum danger zone (100m), the training costs are only a fraction of the costs required for firing combat ammunition.


1. Blank projectile, 2. Upper casing, 3. Casing insert,

4. De-coppering band, 5. Top of the charge,

6. Combustible casing, 7. Powder propellant charge,

8. Bottom of the charge, 9. Igniter

Technical data

Type of ammunition Training projectile / blank

Caliber (mm) 125

Projectile mass (kg) 10.4

Cartridge length (mm) 408

Length of steel casing stub (mm) 140

Cartridge weight (kg) 9.5

Weight of the propellant (kg) 6

Danger zone (m) < 100

Projectile length (mm) 500


Ammo quantity in wooden box 1

Wooden crate dimensions (mm) 832 x 535 x 270

Ammunition crate weight (kg) circa. 42

Pallet dimensions (mm) 1.075 x 832 x 1.143