125 mm HEAT-T

Cumulative ammunition - anti-tank with tracer

The 125 mm HEAT-T was developed to combat tanks, self-propelled guns, mortars and heavy armored targets with direct fire. It can also be used against concrete shelters. The 125 mm HEAT-T is a separate - loading ammunition; the projectile is aerodynamically stabilised by six fins, which are folded and open only in flight after the projectile has left the barrel. The semi-combustible charge Z-40 or Z-52 is initiated by an igniter with the option of mechanical or electrical ignition. Ammunition designed for firing from the T-72 tank or other types of D-81 125 mm cannons.


1. Fuze, 2. Projectile body 3. Cumulative liner

4. Cumulative explosive

5. Stabilizer assembly with six fins and a tracer

Technical data

Type of ammunition HEAT - T

Caliber (mm) 125

Length (mm) 678

Total mass of the projectile (kg) 19

Tracer burning time (s) min. 3

Semi-combustible charge Z 40 or Z 52

Cartridge length (mm) 408

Casing stub length (mm) 138

Cartridge weight (kg) 9,5

Weight of the charge (kg) 5

Effective range (m) 2000

Initial velocity (m/s) V₀ = 900


Number of cartridges in wooden crate 1

Ammunition crate dimensions (mm) 932 x 420 x 270

Ammunition crate weight (kg) circa. 55