High-explosive cartridge with tracer - training

This is a separate-loading ammunition with a stabilizer and two tracer charges. The projectile is loaded with TNT and has a nose-mounted fuze (AZ - 90U) and a bottom-mounted fuze (DZ-75AU). Both fuzes have a self-destruct function. Self-destruction occurs in the range of 3.8 to 5 seconds, therefore, the maximum range of shrapnels does not exceed 5,000 meters. The cartridge is of the semi-combustible type and is composed of a steel casing stub, a combustible case and a propellant charge. Initiation occurs from a mechanical or electrical igniter. The ammunition is designed for practice firing from tanks equipped with a 125 mm cannon.

Technical data

Type of ammunition HE-T Practice

Caliber (mm) 125

Cartridge length (mm) 408

Total mass of the projectile (kg) 23

Casing stub length (mm) 140

Cartridge weight (kg) 9,5

Weight of the propellant (kg) 6

Effective range (m) 2000

Initial velocity (m/s) V₀ = 850


Ammo quantity in wooden box 1

Wooden crate dimensions (mm) 832 x 535 x 270

Ammunition crate weight (kg) circa. 62

Pallet dimensions (mm) 1075 x 832 x 1143

Number of crates per pallet 8

Weight of loaded pallet (kg) 532