125 mm APFSDS-T

Sub-caliber ammunition - anti-tank projectile

Sub-caliber Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot with Tracer is a sub-caliber anti-tank ammunition that is separately loaded, designed to destroy armored targets such as tanks or other armored vehicles. The maximum armor penetration is 550 mm RHA at a distance of 2,000 m. The penetrator is made of tungsten alloy, equipped with the fin-stabilizer assembly with tracer. The projectile is equipped with a combustible casing containing a powder charge. Initiation occurs from a mechanical or electrical igniter.


1. Tip, 2. Penetrator, 3. Sabot,

4. Driving band, 5. Sealing ring,

6. Propellant charge, 7. Combustible casing,

8. Fin stabilizer, 9. Tracer,

10. Flame reducer, 11. Base powder,

12. Combustible casing, 13 Steel casing stub,

14. Incendiary charge, 15. Igniter

Technical data

Total cartridge mass (kg) 20

Mass of projectile with additional propellant charge (kg) 10,3

Projectile mass (kg) 7,15

Initial velocity (m/s) 1690

Temperature range (°C) -40 to +50

Dispersion (m) 0,5 m x 0,5 m from a distance of 2000 m

Armor penetration (mm) 550 mm RHA from a distance of 2000 m


1 piece of cartridge in a hermetic container made of sheet metal

20 pieces of cartridges per pallet.

This packaging is designed for long-term storage (10 years)