ISA - 73 mm

Cannon Shot Imitator

73 mm cannon shot imitator ISA- 73 with a PG - 15P charge is used for training soldiers, familiarization with the mechanisms of automatic loading and imitation of the shot - fired from the 2A28 gun.

Technical data

Total mass with starting charge 2.875

Mass without starting charge (kg) 2

Mass of the starting charge (kg) 0.875

Length without starting charge (mm) 765

Body plastic

Filler non-freezing liquid


Wooden crate dimensions (mm) 1062 x 504 x 279

Ammunition crate weight (kg) 45

Ammo quantity in wooden box 6

Pallet dimensions (mm) 1200 x 1000 x 950

Number of crates per pallet 6

Weight of loaded pallet (kg) 200