ISA - 120 mm

Cannon Shot Imitator

The 120 mm cannon shot imitator for the Leopard tank cannon was designed to reduce the cost of training tank crews while maintaining all required actions performed by the crew when firing with combat ammunition.

The materials used for production of ISA-120 make it perfectly reflect the effect of a shot with the use of combat ammunition, and in addition, the energy generated during the shot is sufficient for the correct operation of the cannon's automatics.

ISA - 120 provides:
  • Acoustic – visual effect comparable to the effects with the use of combat ammunition
  • The weight and dimensions that are close to the parameters of combat ammunition
  • Forcing the crew to perform the same actions in terms of loading, firing as with the use of combat ammunition
  • Minimum danger zone in front of the barrel outlet when firing
  • No structural changes in the assembly of the barrel, breech block and shock absorber, allowing to fire a shot with combat ammunition after firing with the imitator.
  • Extended barrel life - crew safety at a level not worse than when firing live ammunition
  • Minimizing the costs associated with crew training and post-service inspection of the cannons
Technical data

Caliber 120 x 570 mm

Total mass 27 kg

Cartridge length 984 mm

Filler generally available non-freezing liquid

Safe distance from barrel outlet up to 100m