Universal Shaped Charge

The UŁK universal cumulative charge is designed to make a single firing shelter in hard and frozen ground by means of explosive action.

The composition of the UŁK includes:
  • one UŁK cumulative charge made of two pressed bricks made of A-IX-1, one booster and a cumulative liner, placed in a plastic housing
  • two charges of PMW plastic explosive
  • one holder and friction igniters

The cumulative charge may be initiated by a powder fuse or an electric igniter.

Technical data (English)

Mass (kg) 1.9

Mass of the cumulative insert (kg) 0.6

Mass of the explosive (kg) 0.45

Total height (mm) 210

External diameter (mm) 77

Explosive A - IX - 1

Armored plate penetration ability (mm) 140 mm

Plastic explosive weight (kg) 0.55 kg x 2


Wooden crate (mm) 786 x 445 x 299

Gross weight (kg) 42

Amount of explosive charges in the crate (pcs) 15 pcs