Launcher RTG

Recoilless Thermo-Baric Missile Launcher


The RTG is a recoilless launcher firing a thermobaric projectile, designed for destroying bunkers and other field fortifications. The sighting device were designed for precise firing at the range of 300 m with temperature compensation. The RTG has a telescopic design.

  • Length in transport position is only 630 mm.
  • Length in firing position is 890 mm

Operation of the weapon is very simple, the instructions for use are placed on the launcher’s tube.

The training version of the launcher - RTG-Sk is designed for teaching the basic operation, aiming and maneuvering.

The practice version of the launcher – RTG-Nh (Projectile filled with inert material) is designed for practicing accurate shooting.

The RTG launchers are packed individually in PE sleeves, a wooden crate contains 6 pieces. The total mass of the crate is 34 kg.

  • In the original packaging: 6 years
  • Outside of the original packaging: 5 months
  • Temperature: -30 °C / +50 °C
  • Relative humidity: max. 85%
Technical data

Caliber 68 mm

Range 300 m

Operating temperature range -40°C / + 50°C

Max diameter of the tube 99 mm

Gross weight 3,2 kg

Transport crate mass 34 kg

Time to self-destruct 3 ÷ 6 s

Initial velocity 189 m/s