122 ECv

122mm practice ammunition for 2S1

The 122 ECv practice cartridge is designed for practice shooting with the 122 HD-30 gun. It allows for firing during tactical exercises, demonstration shooting, performing occasional salvos and shooting in places where live and training ammunition cannot be used. It reduces the cost of howitzer training.

The complete product 122 ECv consists of the following components:
  • Special plug
  • Practice cartridge
  • Packaging

In the barrel of the howitzer during firing, the remains of the explosive charge and the igniter disintegrate, the range of which does not exceed a distance of 100 m from the barrel outlet.

The use of the 122 ECv cartridge is subject to the installation of the muzzle brake limiter or its removal from the gun. The special plug is intended for use only with a practice cartridge.

Technical data

Operational temperature range -25 °C to +40 °C for a period of 5 years

Danger zone in the direction of the firing lane mainly up to 100 m from muzzle, 45° angle symmetrically around barrel axis

Sound Level 122 ECv at least 110 dB

Weight of the special plug 5.8 kg

Length of the special plug 447 mm

Explosive charge in the casing Nctp 2.4 x 0.9/ 8-4/1

In one packaging 2 pcs. of cartridges