ISA - 155

Training Ammunition - Imitator of a Cannon Shot ISA - 155

The Imitator of a Cannon Shot 155 mm round perfectly enables to train activity of loading and shooting alike the utilization of live ammunition and even practice shooting. Special plug ensures complete burning of the propellant during firing. Energy created during firing is sufficient to ensure automatic functioning of the weapon system even in extreme conditions. Considering the minimal danger area (100 meters) no firing range is demanded for training and the cost of training are just fraction of the cost needed for live ammunition firing.

  • Special plug for training round 155 mm ECv
  • Bi- or Uni Modular charge
Technical data

Weight of special plug 10,9 ± 0,4 kg

Charge Bi- or Uni Modular Charge System

Average shot pressure 200 MPa

Shelf life 10 years

Operational temperature -30 °C to +50 °C

Storage temperature -30 °C to +50 °C

Warranty period 24 months

Accessories needed Muzzle break insert

Sound effect created > 110dB

Danger area < 100 m


- with charge two grenades and two full charges in one wooden box

- without charge four grenades in one wooden box