HE ER BB - 155 mm

155 mm artillery high-explosive base-bleed round with extended range

The 155 mm HE ER BB rounds are designed to partially or completely destroy targets or temporarily slow down the advance of enemy forces, thus limiting their combat effectiveness. The 155 mm HE ER BB rounds primarily allow for the destruction of stationary targets, places with a high concentration of troops, field shelters, lightly armored targets, weapon systems, military equipment, transport equipment, etc.

Technical data

Type High-explosive

Caliber 155 mm

Length with fuze Max. 881,3 mm

Weight with fuze 46 kg

Leading ring Copper

Weight of the explosive filling Ok. 8,5 kg

Explosive filling type TNT

Round designed for 155 mm howitzer / chamber volume = 23 liters / with a barrel length of 52 calibers


8 pieces on 1 wooden tray

Dimensions 790x950x379 mm

Total weight 365 kg