Launcher RPG-75-MP

Recoilless launcher for thermobaric-cumulative missiles

The RPG-75-MP dual-purpose recoilless launcher fires a thermobaric / cumulative projectile. The dual purpose of the projectile is achieved by forming the thermobaric explosive into a cumulative charge. The thermobaric cumulative charge is activated by impact fuze with self-destruct mechanism.

The RPG-75-MP is designed to combat armored vehicles (cumulative effect), hardened targets (cumulative and thermobaric effects) and enemy personnel (thermobaric effect).

The weapon has telescopic design.

  • Length in transport position is only 630 mm.
  • Length in firing position is 890 mm
  • In the original packaging: 6 years
  • Outside of the original packaging: 5 months
  • Temperature: -30 °C / +50 °C
  • Relative humidity: max. 85%
Technical data

Caliber 68 mm

Range 300 m

Operating temperature -40°C / + 50°C

Max tube diameter 99 mm

Gross weight of RPG-75-MP / Mass of the transport crate. 3,2 kg / 34 kg - 6 szt

Time to self-destruct 3 ÷ 6 s

Initial velocity 189 m/s

Fuze arming distance 4 - 12 m

Penetration of homogenous armor 150 mm

Overpressure at a distance of 3 m 39 kPa