GAk - 81

81 mm Grenade for creating smokescreens

The 81 mm GAK - 81 smokescreen grenades are designed for firing from an OBRA, 902A, ERB-type launcher with the task of creating a smokescreen capable of preventing location and distance measurement using laser rangefinders as well as conducting reconnaissance and fire control using thermovision means. The smokescreen serves to protect individual objects, tanks, combat vehicles, artillery positions.

Technical data

Mass 2 kg

Caliber 80 + 0,4 mm

Length 221 mm

Distance of smokescreens from the object 30 - 60 m

Smokescreen depth 10 - 15 m

Smokescreen width circa. 12 m

Smokescreen height 3 - 5 m

Smokescreen creation time max. 4,5 s

Duration of the smokescreen for laser rangefinders min. 30 s

Igniter firing voltage 26 ±3 V