RGD - 3

Hand smoke grenade

The RGD-3 hand smoke grenade is designed to mask the actions of individual soldiers and subdivisions, to blind the enemy's means of fire in the visible and infrared range, and to simulate fires. The grenade can be fired from 5.56 mm kbs and 7.62 mm kbkg rifles as a cap grenade

Technical data

Mass of the grenade 600 ± 50 g

Ignition time less than 15 s

Smoking time not less than 40 s

Method of use manual or fired

Launch distance up to 150 m

Masking properties in the range of visible and infrared radiation up to 12 µm

Smokescreen dimensions

for the visible range (L x W) 40 x 3 m

for infrared range (L x W) 10 x 1.5 m