P - 50

Air training bomb

The P - 50 air training bomb is designed to train plane crew in aerial bombing with conventional aerial bombs from an altitude of 200-10,000 m during the day and at night. The bomb can be dropped as a dummy or armed with a cartridge with a strong blasting charge. If necessary, the P-50 can be fitted with a tracer In conditions of sufficient visibility, the bomb perfectly marks the place of its fall.

The P-50 is the cheapest training means in its class.

Technical data

Mass of the bomb without igniter circa. 55,3 kg

Cartridge mass 2,4 kg

Tracer charge mass 0,64 kg

Bomb length max. 970 mm

Caliber 205 mm

Fin span 280 mm

Fuse thread Sp26 x 16 scrolls/1”