NT - 26

Thermal cartridge

NT-26 ammunition is designed for individual protection of aircraft and helicopters, it disturbs the thermal field near the aircraft.

The 26 mm NT-26 thermal cartridge is equivalent of PPI-type products and can be fired from ASO-type launchers.

Technical data

Caliber 26 mm

Electrical ignition 27 V ± 3 V

Thermal component cylindrical

Mass of the thermal component 35 ± 10 g

Emission time of infrared radiation under real conditions 4,5 ± 1.5 s

Time to reach maximum emission power max. 0.5 s

The burning thermal component emits radiation with an initial power of not less than 1 kW in the wavelength range of 3 - 5 µm in a period of time - min 3 s